CityHospital or Jefferson Memorial Hospital?

  1. Anyone know anything about City Hospital in Martinsburg or Jefferson Memorial in Ranson?
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  3. by   barefootlady
    Sorry, no information on either of these facilities. Happy Holidays.
  4. by   crazyNursingStudent1
    Yes I work at jmh. what do you wanna know?
  5. by   irishbelle
    I would like to know what the working conditions are like. Do they force overtime, change people's schedules, rotate shifts. How do the doctors treat the nurses?

  6. by   crazyNursingStudent1
    No there is no mandatory overtime and they dont change your schedule. Its a pretty good place to work. The doctors aren't nasty to the nurses either. :typing
  7. by   irishbelle
    Thank you! That's really helpful.