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Career Plans for the New Year

  1. 0 Hello Nurses,
    So who has big plans for the New Year career wise? Anyone starting a new job?
    Going back to school for a more advanced degree or just taking a class you want to take? Anyone changing careers? I was chatting with a teacher who is planning on relocating to Tennessee. She is going to teach in a small local high school and do contract work cleaning cabins on the side. She wants to get out of teaching all together, so she giving this a try. Anyone else have any big ideas for the a new business in the New Year?? You don't have to give your plans away, just a hint. LOL!
    I hope everyone had a great Christmas and will be starting the New Year off on a high note.
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    Come on guys, lets get some discussion started. There is too much dead air here. LOL!
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    Not planning on a career change now but I am going to take some classes I guess. Not sure what I want to be when I grow up but sometimes I would like to either get a degree in business or computers.