Are WV nurses making it on their salary?

  1. 0 I live in WV and am planning on getting into nursing school after my baby comes, eith LPN or RN, whichever I can get into first. My goal is to become an RN. I wanted to ask any WV nurses if they are comfortable with their salary, financially comfortable. I've looked it up on and I think between my husband's salary and what I'll earn as a nurse we could make it. Not be rich, but definitetly better than we are now since I'm not working. So my question: Are the WV nurses living comfortably on what you make?
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    We live comfortably on my (and my future husbands) salary. We also have 5 kids that we take care of between the two of us. I work part time and he works full time. I double what he makes on the hour.
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    Comfortable comes in different levels. While I can pay my bills, I still have times when money is very tight for an unexpected expense. I work 36 hours a week. Not counting overtime.

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