Worried about GRE score for ELMSN/APNI

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    I am preparing my applications for PLU ELMSN 2011 and SU APNI 2011. While I think overall I have a good application, my grades are pretty good, extensive volunteer history, my GRE is, well, not stellar. Are there any previous or current applicants who can weigh in? If I did well in statistics does that help with the low math score? I don't think I can retake it in time for PLU's app, but I might be able to for S.U. my overall score was over 1000 with a 590 in verbal and 460 quantatative- what do you think? Is is possible to get in???? I want to be hopeful, but I don't want to wait until next year to start school either. I would also just love to hear from other prospective students what they think and how things are going in their application.
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