What hospitals in Seattle area or Vancouver, WA uses EPIC?

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    I may be looking into relocating to the Pacific Northwest in the near future and wonder if any of you know certain organizations use EPIC or plan to go live with it in the near future?


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    Practically all of them!! And I hate epic!!
    Seriously though, many of them use it, although I can't give you a comprehensive list. Swedish and providence do...
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    The Legacy Health System in Vancouver/Portland uses Epic and I believe Kaiser does, but not sure about that one. I love Epic!
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    Multicare uses Epic.
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    Thank you for your replies!
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    We are Franciscan, and are going Epic in a two years. Our hospital anyway
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    UW Health system does... At least at HMC and UW
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    Providence Everett is going live with Epic in early May this year.
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    Valley Medical Center in Renton uses EPIC

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