what are my chances?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I've been an RN for one year now, and absolutely LOVE it. I like where I work, but not where I live, and would like to move to WA. I'm not picky about where in WA, because adventure is half the game. Besides, if I can just get my foot in the door as an out of state nurse, I could transfer to another location in WA if I didn't like the first one I came to.

    What are the chances of a new nurse getting hired in WA right now? I am not picky about the area of nursing to start, and prefer a med/surg position.

    Thanks in advance so much for your insight.
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  3. by   g3rly
    I've applied to a bunch of places in Washington and nothing yet, but you've got a much better chance than me since you've got 1 yr of experience so I'd say GO FOR IT. Try!
  4. by   angelstrings
    Hi g3rly!

    I just now saw your response to my earlier post. Thanks so much for your vote of confidence!!! I need it now, just when I'm beginning to get my resume together, and look online to find potential employers to start 'hounding.'

    It's kindof discouraging to consider what I'm up against, like being an out-of-state applicant, and having only a year of experience. But who knows, right? I mean, the answer is most definitely NO if I never try, so might as well get up and at it.

    Thanks again.