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  1. 0 I am trying to find those from Washington who went through Exclesior College and used Washington as their state to gain initial licensure and were able to endorse into CA. I know that Washington requires a preceptorship before being allowed to gain licensure in Washington. I am from Nevada and I am wishing to work in CA as I will relocate there. CA requires clinicals concurrently with theory, and I know that the preceptorship comes after the CPNE is completed I am curious to find those who successfully were able to endorse into CA.
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    Hi, I am not moving to CA but I am about done w/ Excelsior program and I live in Seattle. Where you able to get the 200 hour extra clinicals completed? I have heard it is really hard to fine a site as Excelsior does not help w/ finding its students clinical sites. I would also like to hear about your CPNE experience. My personal email is josielj@yahoo.com


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