WA LPN Licensure endorsement

  1. I currently live in Louisiana and have to move to WA because my husbands sister has Stage 3 cancer with a bad prognosis. I am trying to get LPN licensure endorsement and just mailed off my application Sat. I was curious if anyone knows how long it will be. I had fingerprints done in LA when I graduated 3 years ago, will I still have to have them done. We have to move by the end of June. Will I receive it in time?
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  3. by   anticoagulationurse
    Have you heard back from the WA Dept of Heath yet? If not, call them! And call them, and call them. I had a hard time getting them to deal with endorsing my application too. They LOST one of my applications (check and everything) only to find it 6 months AFTER I got my license letting me know I would need to send a new check since it expired in order to get the application process going. They somehow didn't notice that I had redone the entire application for them, sent a new check and already had my license for 6 months!