UW vs. Commmunity College Programs

  1. By 2011 I'll be eligible for two nursing programs (UW and South Seattle's). Does anyone have thoughts on the virtues of either?
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  3. by   LalaJJB
    They are both great... one is cheaper than the other.
  4. by   j450n
    You should know that some community programs are only regionally accredited versus nationally accredited. Most CCs are accredited by the NLN (Shoreline, Everett, Seattle Central, Tacoma, Highline, etc.), and University programs (like UW) are accredited by the CCNE. I believe North Seattle, South Seattle, and maybe some of the technical schools are only regionally accredited. It shouldn't matter too much if you plan on working in WA after graduation, but I always have this fear that if I want to license myself in another state; I may run into complications because of not attending a nationally accredited school.

    The good thing is, UW Bothell is nationally accredited so if you finish your RN at a place like South Seattle and obtain your BSN at UW Bothell, then it shouldn't matter either. I hope this makes sense.