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I thought it might be fun to start a thread for just UW on here for those who are starting in the fall (or getting a jump start this summer). Can any current students or recent grads offer some tips or advice for surviving the... Read More

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    Well most sites don't even require insurance. I went through the entire program without any health insurance until my last quarter at Swedish Hospital which required it. I purchased the health insurance through the UW (I think that's the SHIP you're talking about?) and it seemed to fill the requirement ok as Swedish didn't say anything about it.

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    - anyone heard back about the UWHMC loan repayment program results?
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    Nope, not a word back yet for me. I was wondering the same thing for the others that applied! :icon_roll
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    UW has posted information on their main SON website about their new Accelerated BSN (ABSN) for applicants with a prior degree '2nd degree seeking students'. This program app cycle ends in October, with classes starting next summer and graduating the first class after they complete their 2nd summer quarter - looks great!
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    Anyone out there heard back on the loan repayment program? They don't seem to be in a hurry to select people...
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    anyone know the scoop ?
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    I'll be going to UW Tacoma for the RN-BSN program in the fall and then most likely going to Seattle to complete my DNP.
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    The program at UW is very difficult. It is extremely demanding intellectually and you will find yourself doing nothing for at least 6 months except studying and going to lectures. You really have to rely on your colleagues in your class to collaborate. There is no room for competition. Take care of yourself and each other. And don't forget about all the amazing resources offered for free at the UW. Good luck!
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    Any other current students want to chime in about their experiences in the program?
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    As a graduate of the BSN program at UWSON, I can tell you that the vast majority of my class felt very dissapointed by the education they received at the school. Apart from their learning experiences, students felt, almost without exception, that their teachers were not at all interested in being teachers, and viewed their classes and their students as chores. In addition, many studnets felt mislead by the SON's marketing materials which tout a globally-focused and even "holistic" nursing program for globally-minded individuals. These claims are revealed to be jokes within the first couple weeks of instruction. The various complaints regarding teachers who havn't actually nursed for decades are deffinitely true. Many teachers receive the exact same complaints from class after class, but because they bring the school money in the form of research grants (for globally-important subject matter such as IBS and restless leg syndrome...) and must teach in order to maintain a tenured position, are pawned off on unsuspecting undergraduate nursing students. Some teachers, a prof. Cunningham in particular, cross the neglectful teacher line over to the side of mean/passive agressive teacher. A previous commenter stated that they were treated as an intellectually mature individual, which made me giggle. I heard time and time again by lazy teachers who couldn't justify their lack of interest or skill in their job that they are simply treating their students as "capable adults", deflecting their deficiencies onto their students. UWSON was the worst two years of my life. Having been a nurse for a year, I feel like the school ruined me for the profession before I even got started. I came to the UWSON an idealistic student with designs of working in the field of global health, and left a rather cynical individual with a very bad taste left in his mouth for his new profession: nursing.

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