trying to get into RN or BSN program in WA

  1. 0 my total gpa is 3.56. i got B+ in cell biology, A- anatomy, C+ in physiology, and microbiology C+, i took statics, general psychology, life span psychology,nutrition, chemistry, organic chemistry, public speaking, interpersonal communication, math classes, English , sociology.
    i got 62.7 in TEAS. is there any recommendation school that i can get into?
    if i can't what do i need to do more?

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    You probably need to at least retake any class that is below a 3.0. I don't know of any programs that will take a grade lower than that. What area are you looking in?
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    You may want to find the schools that do lotteries. Seattle Central comm college does a first come first served enrollment which is not point based. So I would look at there requirements for entry. I don't think you would get in to competitive entry programs with the C's or low Teas. Study for teas and retake it and then look at everett community college. Good luck! I had to retake classes to be competitive.

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