Staffing Ratios

  1. I'm planning on a move back up to the Seattle area after being in CA for 10 years. I've always heard that CA has really good patient/nurse ratios. In med-surg, it's 5 patients to 1 nurse. What are the ratios like in WA?
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  3. by   I♥Dexter
    The ratio depends on the hospital and whether or not they're union. And the ratio also varies on the unit... My last job was a med-surg floor, days/eves: 4 to 1 or 5 to 1 with an aid and noc: 5 to 1, 6/7 to 1 with an aid...
  4. by   tokmom
    Yep, it depends on the hospital. We run 3-5 pt's each with 2 CNA on the floor. A former hospital ran 6:1 with a CNA's that were too overworked to be consistent help.