Shoreline vs LWIT vs North Seattle Fall 2013

  1. 0 I applied to all three schools and got in to 2 of 3 so far, still waiting on Shoreline but pretty sure I got in. The problem is now I do not know for sure which one to go to.
    I live on the Eastside so commuting is a small factor.
    I hear that Shoreline is the BEST but also hard. North is the new Bellevue College for people looking to go to UW and LWIT is still a baby when it comes to nursing schools. I have made a list of pros/coms but it still comes out pretty even.
    I took my pre-reqs at Bellevue and LWIT, love the new lab and staff and LWIT. I have no experience with professors or facilities at North or Shoreline.
    Any suggestions or reviews of these schools? HELP!
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    I can't attest to the nursing facilities at either school, but I did prereq's at Shoreline and at North Seattle, and North Seattle is really gross. It looks like a parking garage, is dirty, and none of the bathrooms ever get cleaned, I swear! I switched to Shoreline just to get out of that dump. (No offense to anyone, personal opinion.) Shoreline's campus is gorgeous and the staff, in my experience, was great. I guess that's pretty superficial, but since I've already typed my two cents, I guess I'll send it.

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