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  1. 0 Hello,

    I had a few question for anyone that is applying/accepted into the Shoreline program.

    1) For the COMPASS test, do we have to take the College Algebra section OR just pass the [COLOR=#434140]Intermediate Algebra? Because I asked the testing site at Bellevue College they said something about if you do good enough in the Intermediate Algebra section, then the computer will automatically direct you to the College Algebra section; I'm asking because I just wanted to make sure. Also if this was true, I wouldn't need to study for the College Algebra is I do well on the Intermediate Algebra section correct?

    2) When it comes to calculating GPA, does Shoreline go by this...?
    A = 4.0
    A- = 3.7
    B+ = 3.3
    B = 3.0
    B- = 2.8

    Thanks the helps would be very much appreciated!

    Good luck to everyone!
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