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Seattle University BSN applicants 2012 - page 16

Hi all, I didn't see any threads for Seattle University, so I thought I would start one. What classes are you taking, current GPA, extracurriculars, etc? Any thoughts on the application process? I... Read More

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    cura -Congratulations, I am very happy for you.
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    I just spoke with admissions. We are supposed to find out this week if we got off the waitlist.
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    Do you know If they will call or sending an email for that?
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    I didn't ask, but I assumed email.
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    Any word from them?
    I just called again and I was told they have started to call the ones that were accepted.
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    No. I haven't heard anything yet. 😔
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    Did you ask them about your status?
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    No, I figured he wouldn't tell me.
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    Admissions told me the College of Nursing is considering offering the acceptance to a very limited number of waitlisted students. If we are the ones of the students, we should receive both call and email. If not, we would receive a letter says the program is full. I guess we won't get off the wait list if we don't receive anything today.
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    I didnt hear from them... sad.
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    Has anyone else gotten off the waitlist?
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    Quote from jbotello
    I didnt hear from them... sad.
    I haven't heard anything either. Due to what you said, we should find out whether we would get off the list by this week. So I assumed we will receive a letter instead of a call or email because today is Saturday, this week was over. I feel so sad coz I already tried my best.
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    Any word?
    I tried calling again to make sure they did inform students last week but was sent to voicemail.