RN last name change after marriage

  1. Got married in July of this year. I have taken my husbands last name- already changed drivers license, social security, etc. I cant figure out where the name change form for WA RN license is... I've searched all over WA DOH website and have had zero luck. Does anyone know where to find this form or the steps required to change last name on WA RN license?
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  3. by   rn/writer
    Have you tried the WA BON website? If not, try the link at the bottom of this page (third one in from the left). They may have a FAQ section. This is a pretty common situation.

    Best wishes.
  4. by   Future RN- June '11
    Yes, tried both of your recommendations, no luck... I ended up just emailing the WA DOH. It seems like it would be a common request, not sure why they dont have a form easily available.
  5. by   bsn88
    I had to physically go to WSDOH where I renew my license each year and fill out a form. All In all took 5 mins... Try calling too they may be able to direct to a link on the Internet..