Pierce College RN program, the good, bad and ugly.

  1. [font=lucida sans unicode]hey allnurses!

    i want to know what you think about pierce colleges rn program!

    what have you heard? what do you know?

    i'm looking for any information, from current and former students, and those of you who've got the word on the street!

    grades, gossip, gear...gimmie the goods!

    hope to hear from some of you soon!


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  3. by   onetrack
    Took all my pre-req's there. They are very "proud" of their program...not in a good way. If you have not gone yet, I encourage you to go to their information session. If you explore other schools in the area by attending their information sessions as well, it will give you a good perspective as to which schools are a good match for yourself.