Overlake Versant Residency August 2013

  1. 0 Did anyone else apply? Or hear anything back yet? Or has anyone completed the residency from previous cohorts, and care to share anything about the application process, time frame, interviews, etc?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Are you an internal applicant?
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    Unfortunately no. Like most hospitals, internals will get a strong preference. I went to nursing school out of state. Are you?
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    I am unfortunately not either
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    I am out of state as well. I talked to HR and they said some floors are only hiring two people! For those who are out of state are you planning to fly there for the interview? Also, how are you going about getting a Washington state license?
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    When you spoke to them, did they say they might hire external aplicants? Their website was pretty clear that non employees need not apply. I was going to apply anyway, but it would be good to know if you heard otherwise!

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