OB & Peds units; midwifery/DNP programs in Seattle

  1. Hi,I'm an RN with a few mos of experience. I work in postpartum at a big, busy hospital (3PP floors) in Chicago. I'd like to move to Seattle after I wrap up a year here. My goal is to transfer to one of two types of OB units: (1) a more hollistic, midwifery driven unit or (2) a smaller OB unit where RNs are cross trained (AP/L&D/PP). There are very few (if any) hollistic birthing centers in Chicago, but there are a few hospitals with units like that crosstrain and cross staff, some even send nurses to NICU and peds floors. I would enjoy - to be able to get a breadth of experience. I'm also considering going back to school for a midwifery/DNP program. They have a combined program here, but I don't see myself staying in Chicago for the five years it would take to enroll and complete it. Does anyone know of similar programs in Seattle?Lastly, can you tell me on average what nurses w/ 1yr of experience make in WA? Here it's ~26/hr w/ $5 shift pm diff & $2 weekend ($7 weekend night).Thanks!
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