Nursing Agencies in Bellingham?

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    I am wanting to move to Bellingham from Florida. I am an ICU nurse and have been working as an agency per diem nurse for the past 6 years. Does anyone know of a nursing agency in Bellingham that provides the hospital with daily agency nurses? Also, has anybody worked at St. Joseph's in its ICU? If so, how are the working conditions? Thanks for any feedback!

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    I work at St joes, they do not use agency nurses.

    The ICU is a very good unit, IIRC 1-2 patients. 12 hour shifts. My mother in law got excellent care there.
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    Hey Jollygreen, I just may have a job there as of today, provided my NCLEX results show a pass tomorrow!!! What do you like/not like about the hospital? Any advice for newbies??

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