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  1. I will be applying to North Seattle CC for this fall and I haven't found any threads about their new HESI test. Are there anyone else out there who are going to be applying to North Seattle for Fall/Winter 2011? I'd like to know how y'all are coping with studying and preparing for the entrance exam/application process!
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  3. by   grownuprosie
    I applied there in the past and took the HESI. Other than study the expected stuff (A&P/ Chem), my advice is know your kitchen conversions! I was so suprised to see so many questions on them. Know how to go from fluid oz to gallons and everything in between. Luckily, I am an avid cook, but i really thought it was unfair to most testers. Many bombed that section because it was so unexpected.
  4. by   tnbutterfly
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  5. by   margritamix
    Thanks grownuprosie! I am about to take the HESI test next week and am very nervous about it. How did you do with the test, by the way? Did you get into North Seattle's nursing program?
  6. by   grownuprosie
    Quote from margritamix
    Thanks grownuprosie! I am about to take the HESI test next week and am very nervous about it. How did you do with the test, by the way? Did you get into North Seattle's nursing program?

    I did really well on the test, but then i am a great test taker.(not tooting my own horn, it is just my strong suit) My GPA not so hot so i did not make it into the program. Lowest GPA admitted was 3.7. They did tell me that my HESI score was so high that i almost got in with a 3.0. So, dont take this test lightly as it is worth 50% of your admission score. If you rock it, then you can get in even with a less than perfect GPA. Take your time. Logic your way through the problems. I was in the testing room longer than everyone else, but i got the high score.

    I did end up getting into Bellevue College which i am happy with.

    Good luck!
  7. by   margritamix
    Wow so I guess the test really does make up a significant portion of the application process. Thank you so much for replying to my post! I have a 3.5 GPA now and you've given me hope that I might just get into the NSCC if I do really well

    How do you like Bellevue College so far? I went to their campus awhile back to attend an info session and the campus just looked really beautiful. Do you particularly like/hate any of your classes?
  8. by   grownuprosie
    I was just accepted for the fall, so i have not started there yet. They have a few requirements more than the seattle CCs so i had to put in a few extra quarters of night class. I have actually only been on the campus 2x.

    I am crossing my fingers for you!
  9. by   amusedgirl
    I have a question in reference to the last reply in this thread..

    I'm going to move to Seattle in about a year and a half, while knocking out a few pre-reqs when I become a TX resident. I'm either moving into the city, close to Central Seattle CC, or in the 'burbs and close to Bellevue CC (the boyfriend needs a grill). I'm curious as to how you work out your pre-reqs, since they vary between these schools. You cannot apply to BCC without completing all pre-reqs first, correct? So do most people just bite the bullet and take all classes necessary for admission to either school?

    Are one of these schools harder to get into than the other? I have legitimately read every thread in this forum, and have yet to gather what school is better. Or which may be more desirable, I guess.
  10. by   rokbe
    isnt the cutoff for applying to NSCC, on July 1..How have some people heard that they made it for the fall??
  11. by   grownuprosie
    I would suggest looking at the program info on their respective web pages. Also there are about a billion nursing programs in this area. so, check them all out. I know that is going to be really time consuming but definately look at them with your own eyes and make a plan. While people on AN may be really helpful and awesome, they can also be really wrong or out of date. (I heart you guys but lets face it, this is the internet...)
    What i did was first do all of the pre-reqs that they all had in common. (A&P and Chem are mandatory for most of them) then i did the rest of the pre reqs in order of application due date. If you are a FT student you can knock it out in a year and a half depending on if you need math remediation or not. also, keep in mind that while they say the minimum GPA is 2.5-3.0 most of them are admitting only the ~4.0 students. (Except Bellevue, seattle central, and South Seattle, but you will see why on their info pages)
    Which is harder to get into between BC and SCCC? Neither of them is GPA based for admissions other than meeting the minimum. But SCCC is first come first serve mail in only and Bellevue goes predominantly on a aptitude test. so, either be really good at standardized tests, or get really lucky.
    Which is better? Dunno... SCCC is not as organized. call their office and you will know what i mean. lots of "uh... i dont know" from them if you ask them a question. also, I heard a rumor (By definition this is second hand knowledge and could be totally wrong if you have heard otherwise please chime in) that SCCC students are not as well recieved at the hospitals for clinical becasue of the organizational issues. whether this is propoganda from other schools, i dont know. Ihave not heard anything about BC, so they could go either way. I have had a wonderful experience with them throughout the application/ admission process though.
    Most (if not all) require all pre reqs to be completed before applying.

    Here is a list of schools in the area that i know of. Most are within seattle Good luck!
    Highline CC
    North Seattle CC
    South Seattle CC
    Seattle Central CC
    Lake Washington TechC
    Shorline CC
    Edmunds CC (I might have made this one up... but i am pretty sure it is one i looked into.)
    Renton Tech
    Bellevue College (My future school)
    Seattle U
    Seattle Pacific U

    I would suggest making a spread sheet when you do your research it will save you time later when you are planning classes each quarter.

    Can you tell I am bored at work by the length of this response? I hope it helped and did not bore you to tears.
  12. by   grownuprosie
    Quote from rokbe
    isnt the cutoff for applying to NSCC, on July 1..How have some people heard that they made it for the fall??
    Is this about my post?

    Quote from grownuprosie
    I applied there in the past
    i.e. my comments were related to a different application period.

    Quote from grownuprosie
    I did end up getting into Bellevue College.
    any reference to being admitted for fall was after i had stated it was at BC. Good luck with your application! i hope i did not cause you a ton of stress in the confusion.
  13. by   rokbe

    Hi,yes I guess I missed the part where you got accepted to Bellevue.I thought you said you got accepted to NS.

    Can I ask what your grades were to get into Bellevue??

    Good luck to you..Thanks
  14. by   amusedgirl
    You have answered amazingly and have thoroughly helped! I'm so glad you're bored at work! I have actually done my research similarly to how you're recommending.. but you definitely added to it. You have no idea how grateful I am! Trying to figure out how it all works in another state is stressful when you can't ask around firsthand. Really, thank-you! (and hopefully this reads ok since I'm.on my phone)

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