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North Seattle CC HESI - page 2

I will be applying to North Seattle CC for this fall and I haven't found any threads about their new HESI test. Are there anyone else out there who are going to be applying to North Seattle for... Read More

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    I have heard from admissions that the minimum GPA to get into North Seattle is about a 3.7, but then because of their admission criteria, you can probably get in with a lower GPA just as long as you do well on the HESI.

    grownuprosie, if you don't mind me asking, what did you get on the HESI when you took it for North Seattle? also, did they allow you to use calculators on the math section of the test? Is the A&P section very detailed?

    I'm sorry to ask you all of these questions, but the Evolve study guide is really not very helpful with preparing students for the HESI
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    Quote from margritamix
    grownuprosie, if you don't mind me asking, what did you get on the HESI when you took it for North Seattle? also, did they allow you to use calculators on the math section of the test? Is the A&P section very detailed?
    I got a 93 which i guess is high. that is what they told me anyway. They let you use the basic calculator on your computers program list. (+-/x) I don't want to give you the wrong info re: A&P because i don't remember that part well. i dont remember specific questions, but i feel like they were really based on logic and not so much memorization. please check he HESI forum to get more insight.

    Quote from rokbe
    grownuprosie,Can I ask what your grades were to get into Bellevue?
    3.1 GPA 91%TEAS. Since my admission, they have instituted an interview and essay process. i dont know too much about it though.
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    [FONT=Times New Roman,Times New Roman][FONT=Times New Roman,Times New Roman]NCLEX School Reports ADN-LPN-BSN-GE 2009-201010 Updated: 02/2011 [FONT=Times New Roman,Times New Roman]
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]2006
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]2007
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]2008
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]2009
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]2010
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]Bellevue Community College
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]47/47 = 100%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]43/44 = 98%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]43/49 = 88%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]42/43=98%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]37/41 = 90%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]Bellingham Technical College
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]19/22 = 86.4%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]22/27 = 81.5%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]32/35 = 91%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]17/20=85%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]33/44 = 75%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]Big Bend Community College
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]15/18 = 83.3%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]15/24 = 62.5%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]25/25 = 100%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]21/22=95%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]17/17 = 100%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]Centralia College
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]21/22 = 95.5%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]16/18 = 88.9%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]23/28 = 82%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]19/22=86%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]22/25 = 88%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]Clark College
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]92/96 = 95.8%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]92/104 = 88.5%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]116/126 = 92%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]102/107=95%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]114/121 = 94%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]Clover Park Technical College
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]16/20 = 80%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]18/27 = 67%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]18/21=86%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]21/24 = 88%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]Columbia Basin College
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]39/43 = 90.7%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]45/53 = 84.9%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]42/47 = 89%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]49/52=94%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]48/49 = 98%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]Everett Community College
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]84/85 = 98.8%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]87/92 = 94.6%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]79/82 = 96%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]64/67=96%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]69/71 = 97%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]Grays Harbor College
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]21/29 = 72.4%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]26/33 = 78.8%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]24/27 = 89%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]26/28=93%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]22/23 = 96%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]Highline Community College
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]51/60 = 85%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]55/63 = 87.3%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]59/67 = 88%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]49/52=94%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]59/64 = 92%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]Lake Washington Technical College
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]32/39 = 82%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]46/53 = 86.8%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]46/47 = 98%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]73/81=90%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]67/73 = 92%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]Lower Columbia College
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]74/80 = 92.5%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]78/95 = 82.1%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]67/74 = 90%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]105/122=86%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]77/92 = 84%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]N Seattle Community College
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]23/24 = 95.8%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]39/44 = 88.6%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]24/26 = 92%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]62/65=95%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]57/60 = 95%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]Olympic College
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]54/62 = 87%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]56/64 = 87.5%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]76/88 = 86%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]65/76=86%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]66/74 = 89%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]Peninsula College
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]17/18 = 94%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]20/24 = 83.3%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]26/27 = 96%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]19/20=95%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]15/19 = 79%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]Pierce College
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]23/27 = 85.2%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]52/57 = 91.2%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]40/48 = 83%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]47/55=85%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]25/31 = 81%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]Renton Technical College
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]26/35 = 74.3%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]22/32 = 69%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]30/36=83%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]23/33 = 70%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]Seattle Central Community College
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]21/22 = 95.5%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]26/26 = 100%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]30/31 = 97%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]28/28=100%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]33/35 = 94%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]Shoreline Community College
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]86/88 = 97.7%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]86/87 = 98.8%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]71/74 = 96%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]79/80=99%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]73/77 = 95%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]Skagit Valley College
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]78/82 = 95%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]37/39 = 94.9%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]91/95 = 96%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]45/47=96%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]68/73 = 93%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]South Puget Sound Community College
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]44/52 = 84.6%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]51/58 = 87.9%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]46/63 = 73%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]59/78=76%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]58/78 = 74%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]South Seattle Community College
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]19/22 = 86%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]29/29=100%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]29/32 = 91%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]Spokane Community College
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]134/142 = 94.4%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]122/144 = 84.7%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]122/152 = 80%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]125/150=83%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]105/124 = 85%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]Tacoma Community College
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]79/85 = 92.9%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]83/96 = 86.5%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]91/100 = 91%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]98/113=87%
    [FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial,Arial Narrow]82/107 = 77%

    Just thought I'd post the NCLEX pass rates for washington state schools for anyone interested in knowing, and to help with your choice of school. This list is for the ADN programs only. If anybody wants me to, I could list the BSN's and LPN' as well or you could look them up for yourself.
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    I applied to NSCC nursing, starting this fall. My GPA is 4.0 and I received a 95% on the HESI (just took it this Tuesday, 7/5 - loved studying over the holiday weekend!). I'm keeping my fingers crossed, as it seems that the stats for those accepted goes up every year!

    Congrats to all that have gotten into school/get into nursing school. The bar is crazy high for all of us!
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    Quote from toucheturtle
    I applied to NSCC nursing, starting this fall. My GPA is 4.0 and I received a 95% on the HESI (just took it this Tuesday, 7/5 - loved studying over the holiday weekend!). I'm keeping my fingers crossed, as it seems that the stats for those accepted goes up every year!

    Congrats to all that have gotten into school/get into nursing school. The bar is crazy high for all of us!

    Wow, so there's probably no doubt that you'll be getting in then. I wish that I will be admitted as well, but it seems like a long shot
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    For NSCC Hesi, there is a calculator on the computer for the math section. The AP is fairly general, a couple of left field questions. The vocab/comprehension/grammar are straightforward - not tricky, but it really comes down to either being someone who does well at that kind of testing or not. I can't imagine how one would study for the vocab or reading comprehension sections. I did use the HESI review from Elsevier and the Cliff AP notes (read both cover to cover and did all of the practice tests). Good luck!!