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New grad RN residencies in Eastern Washington

  1. 0 Hi everybody!
    As I approach my graduation date I am gathering job search information. I am considering working in the Wenatchee, Washington area. First off, can new grads find jobs in that part of the state? Also, do the hospitals in that area offer residency programs? A residency program sounds fantastic for new grads. Do you guys agree?

    Thanks for your advise!!! it is very appreciated.
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    Moving to Washington State Nursing Forum.

    Best of luck in your job search!
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    I went to school in Wenatchee. Central Washington Hospital is your best bet for getting hired, but the Wenatchee Valley Medical center has more "happy" employees... I also know that they offer the residency program (at least they did last I heard - I no longer live there). Hope that helps! If you are willing to commute, there are other hospitals in about a 30 minute drive as well.