New grad LPN: wondering about job prospects and wages

  1. 0 What's a good wage for an LPN here? I'm a new grad and was hoping to get maybe $15 an hour, but my wife says I should be able to get at least $18.

    Also, how hard is it to find work as an LPN these days?
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    You should be able to get at least $18 an hour I graduated July 2011 and started off right under $20 an hour. It took me about a month after nclex to find a job that i wanted. Hope this help
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    Great. Thanks for the reply.
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    Do u know what sites might help with finding jobs?
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    Wow, that's amazing! In my area (in Idaho), new-grad RNs are only making $20-$21/hr. I think LPNs here make $14-$16/hr.

    Glad I'm moving to WA

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