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Multicare Health System new grad

  1. 0 Hi everyone, I have a possible job offer from Multicare Health system. I am just wondering what's the base pay for new grad nurses in Multicare Health system. Also if it's part of union or some other type of organization. Thanks!
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    I have no idea. My guess is in the mid twenties. That is where Franciscan is, and they are pretty similiar.

    I'm trying remember if Mulitcare is union....You can always go to SEUI Nw 1199 or WSNA and look up the contracts. If they are union they will be posted.
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    According to the 2010 – 2011 Employment Agreement Between Multicare Health System and United Staff Nurses Union, Local 141 UFCW a 1st year nurse would earn $26.74 an hour.
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    USNU. oh yeah..totally forgot about them. I wonder what other hospitals they represent..
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    Congrats! Where did you graduate from? Is it a residency position?
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    Let me know how you got the residency i graduate in June 2013 and i am very interested in their program. Also let me know the start pay and their benefits package. Thanks.