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    I am moving to Washington this Fall. I am moving from SC, so I will need to apply for a license in Washington.
    How do I go about this process? I have moved quite a bit, but only to states so far that were in the nursing compact. Is this process any different? I just had my fingerprints done less than a year ago when I moved to SC (husband is military) and have been working since I have lived here. Will I need to get my fingerprints/backgroud check done again...or how do i transfer that?
    Any help appreciated! I would like to start this process as soon as I can.
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    I'm also in the process of getting my license in WA I am from NC.I am about to mail my application today. Print the application forms.Send the licensure verification form from your original state of licensure.Do the AIDS training and education 7 units as one of the requirements.Then mail your application to the address provided.

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