LPN student...when should I start applying for jobs???

  1. I will be moving to Redmond near Seattle WA from IL in July. I am in school now for my LPN in IL but will be taking my NCLEX in WA. What I was wondering is when do students in WA start applying for jobs? In IL it takes months for employees to even get to interviewing. Can you also work while your waiting to take the NCLEX? In IL you can. Any other information about nursing in WA would be appreciated too.

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  3. by   tokmom
    You can work as a GPN. As for applying? IMO, either RN or LPN, I would start looking before all the other graduates do!
  4. by   Nathansnelly
    I would start looking seriously about a month before graduation. I grabbed my job before I graduated. I was offered a position from the place where I did my internship.