Lower Columbia College applicants waiting for your *acceptance* letter? :) | allnurses

Lower Columbia College applicants waiting for your *acceptance* letter? :)

  1. 0 We should have a week or so left before they mail out letters (I was told 5/9/10 they would likely be mailed) . How do you feel?

    SooOOOoo impatient!
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    I am not an applicant, but I grew up in Longview and went to LCC during high school through Running Start. It's a wonderful college, and perhaps the new nursing building will be finished before you graduate from the RN program!
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    Woop Woop...just an update--I got in
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    I am going to take my entrance exams on July 18th, did you guys study for them? Any advice?
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    Hey there!!!
    I am applying to lcc nursing I just wanted to ask how you like itand how competitive is it
    Thanks so much
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    How are you liking the nursing program?
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    I also would like to know how competitive the admission process is