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I need some wise and practical advice..

  1. 0 I am a Registered Nurse in philippines. I took and passed my Nclex last 2011. But CaliforniaBON asking for social security number to release my permanent licence..
    now i move here in washington state a month ago as immigrant visa..after 2 weeks i got my social security number and send it right away to CaBON now i am still waiting for my license to be released.i have no idea how long it will take..and my next step after i get my CA nursing license, i want my license to be transfered to washington state.i dont know where to start and maybe its gonna take more months for the reciprocity???

    I am thinkin to take a CNA training while im waiting for my RN license here in washington, so i can get a job atleast in medical field, because i dont want to work not related to my course..

    CNA TRAINING contains certificates for CPR,HIV etch..and those certificates might be a requirements here in WA..

    please enlighten me..Im really confused..thank you..
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    Boy, I don't really know. I think I would start with the board of nursing and see if they can help.

    Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission :: Washington State Dept. of Health