I got the job, now where to live?

  1. I'm moving to Seattle next month and accepted a job at UW (yay!) but we still need a place to live.

    While it's not exactly a "nursing" question, I was wondering if any of you Seattleites might be able to offer some suggestions on places to live. It's just my husband, me, and our two cats. We're looking for a 1BR apartment in the downtown area so we can stay near the music scene and the hustle and bustle of city life that we love.

    The options are a little overwhelming so we think we have narrowed it down to Pike Place and Belltown areas and I'm planning on taking a bus to work. We are flying out in a few weeks to look at some places and hopefully sign a lease for our move later in October. I haven't made any appointments yet so do any of you have suggestions? Thanks a bunch!
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  3. by   Andrews_RN
    Check out lower queen Anne, and Capitol hill (a lot of art and music in that area). I wouldn't recommend pikes place or any where near pioneer square. You won't find the real Seattle there as it is very very touristy. If you're looking for something funky, check out Fremont and Wallingford while you are here, just north of downtown.