Hello Washingtonians

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    Any nurse practitioner here?? If so, I have few questions....
    I am a WA state RN grad. I moved out of state couple of yrs
    ago and I want to move back in 2012. I am a FNP student
    now, almost close to graduation and would love to hear from
    some seasoned ARNPs. I want to do an internship/externship/
    preceptorship (same thing diff name, need more clinical exposure).
    Any NPs or hospitals that take NP student interns (unpaid
    of course), please let me know. I want to come there from Jan 2012
    to May 2012 (may be get hired afterwards, who knows? lol)
    I have done all my clinical portion for FNP (adult/peds/womens). I
    need NP internship please. Any part of WA state or even portland area
    is fine with me.

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    No NP here ??

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