Endorsement from TX to WA... Need advice

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am an internationally educated nurse. I graduated from a foreign school 4 years ago. I currently live in Texas and I am to take the NCLEX-RN here. One of Texas requirements is to have at least 2 years experience within 4 years from graduation for them to issue a license (after passing NCLEX-RN exam). Without the experience, a refresher course is required. Recently my husband just got a job transfer to WA which requires us to move there. Because of the current situation, I'm now looking into getting a license in WA instead of TX. I believe WA doesn't require a refresher course or experience. My question is do I still have to take the refresher course in TX so TX-BON can issue my license and then endorsed it to WA? Or is it possible for me to apply/endorse my license in WA without getting a refresher course? Please advice. Thank you.

    (I just don't see the relevance of refresher course if I'm not going to work in TX anyway.)
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  3. by   wsuRN09
    Below is the web address to the application page for the Washington State DOH Nursing Commission. I didn't see anything about a refresher course but I only briefly skimmed the information. If you have more questions I would recommend contacting them directly. Hope this helps. Good luck on your NCLEX

    Nurse Licensing :: Washington State Dept. of Health