Clark College, OCT 1st deadline.

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    Anyone else applying for the OCT 1st deadline? If so how many points do people have. I only have 38 so I am on the low side.

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    So no one else has applied?
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    I applied for the Oct. 1st deadline with 41 points. I also applied to PCC and planning on applying to OHSU. Where else are you applying?
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    I'm applying for the April 1st deadline 2013. I currently have 39 pts but in the process of making it 41 pts by retaking a course this winter term. Just curious to know if you got in with 38 pts?
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    I was accepted to start in Fall 2013 with 41 points. Good luck!
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    Awesome! Is there an interview process? They just accept students based on application points right?
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    No there is not an interview portion. It's all on points.
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    Thx for the response!
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    Did you receive a letter by mail or email?
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    I got a letter in the mail. I thought we weren't supposed to hear until march and I got it in December! BIG surprise.

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