Clark College, April 1st 2013 Deadline

  1. Hi! I am planning on applying for the April 1st deadline at clark and from the point system sheet they have I have a 3.91 GPA and 46 points. On their website it shows that for the winter 2013 class that just started 100% of people with 45 points and above got in. But I am hearing from people who applied with 47 points and didn't get in. My question is, What are all of the criteria? Because apparently points are not the only thing they are going off of? I just want some encouragement in applying! What have some of you gotten in with? Do I have a chance? Thank You
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  3. by   purpleSG
    Hey there! Great job on the points. I'm applying for April 1st 2013 as well, but with 41 pts. I know people made it in last year with at least 41pts for the April 2012 deadline... So I'd say you should be just fine. I've never heard of anyone NOT getting in with 47, so that makes me nervous... But as far as I'm aware I thought Clark was strictly on a points system.
  4. by   purpleSG
    If anyone out there applied for April 2012 deadline at Clark and accepted a position, it'd be nice to hear what your points were. The selection statistics on Clark's website still haven't updated for after students responded. Please and thank you
  5. by   purpleSG
    Has anyone gotten their acceptance letter for winter 2014 start yet??

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