BBCC Nursing?

  1. Hello! My husband and I just relocated to Moses Lake, and I've been looking at the BBCC Nursing program. Does anyone know if this is a good school? If so, do you have any info/personal experience with admissions to the program (how many people apply, what helped you get in, etc)?

    Your help is very sincerely appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   dixieyid305
    I would STRONGLY recommend you look at other school then attending BCC. It various from campus, but i wont get in to why i dislike the program. i would say this they accept 120 students for Nur1020, which is the first class and after the first test. it fait to say that maybe 40 or 50 drop out before the withdrawal date and combine with all the campus they graduate about 50 students every year.( these are not exact numbers.. but you get my drift.. personality, they are not there to help. i'm sure you can read a dozen of more posting of other people with similar complaints..
    MY advise is Please choose another program for nursing. you can take your Pre- Req. there but not the will thank me later !!