Advice on clinical hours/BSN programs? Advice on clinical hours/BSN programs? | allnurses

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Advice on clinical hours/BSN programs?

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    I'm doing my pre-reqs at Clark College in Vancouver and looking at transferring to a four-year college in Washington, since I live here. I just was curious as to what you guys think about the colleges in our state, and which one (to your knowledge/hearsay) has the most/least clinical hours? Any advice would be super useful! Thank you! :heartbeat
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    I don't know about the Seattle area universities but in Tacoma, Pacific Lutheran University has the most clinical hours in the area. It is a 6 semester program and you do over 100 clinical hours per semester and then in your last semester you have a preceptorship. Your preceptorship requires you to do at least 256 clinical hours.