your best guess for 5 yrs experience?

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    I'm relocating to Dc from Orlando, Fl. Can anyone tell me about the market, concerning average pay for 5 years of experience in the OR and ED.

    Lastly, does anyone live in the DC area and how is life there? What is the good & bad? No sugar coating. :spin:

    Many thanks,

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    I hate to guess, but I think it is safe to say your salary could be very different at different places. With 5 years experience, you should get between 25-35/hour base pay. Some hospitals may pay more, esp. if you work nights and ICU/ER. The biggest headache in the D.C. area is the traffic, esp. at rush hour. D.C. is very nice, lots to do. The nicest hospitals are Sibley, NIH, Georgetown, GW, Suburban, INOVA Alexandria (Va.). I'm not sure about Washington Hospital Center. It is a big teaching hospital, trauma center, but in a bad area. The area is also famous for being expensive in housing. The real estate market is good for buyers right now. The nicest places to live would be in D.C.- northwest area, connecticut avenue ($$$), cleveland park, area near American University. In Maryland Montgomery county is popular-Rockville, Bethesda and Potomac. In Va-Alexandria, Falls Church, Arlington are all nice. Most places in Md/Va have metro access.

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