When a potential job ask you about your salary requirements....

  1. What do you list. I am having a hard time answering this question especially in this area. I feel like I either go too high or too low. I am a recent grad LPN.

    For example a potential employer asked me how much I wanted to make hourly in D.C. I stated 18-19 an hour. The person then told me that I would have to take the metro or pay for parking etc. etc. and didn't say it was too low but hinted around to it. I thought it was a fair price but IDK.

    I was asked this question by another potential employer in N. VA and I stated 20/hr based off of the prior experience with the other position. The potential employer reduced it to 15/hr and it is part time.

    I am stuck in this predicament and I don't how to respond. The pay rate for this particular LPN position on indeed salary range states that it can go anywhere from 55,000-59,000, but I still don't know how to respond. The career counselor stated I should say whatever you feel is best based off of my experience. But the job still in my eyes wants to know if they can afford you or are you selling your self short because you don't have a job.

    How do any of you go about this awkward conversation with a potential employer? Help would greatly be appreciated
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