Washington Hospital Center(Residency)

  1. 2 Hello, I would like to notify the new grads looking for jobs that Washington hospital Center in DC has posted their new grad residency. The next one starts on April 23rd. I currently work there and they have a very good program for new grads. Good luck to all those looking for jobs and hope this helps somebody.
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    I should be starting on the 23rd. I'm very excited about it. The program and the floor look awesome! I'm really afraid to post anything in case I 'jinx' it. I have a whole month to not worry about anything! Anyone else expecting to start during this cohort?
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    Congrats you'll def learn a lot
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    I just applied for the 23rd start date this past week and the recruiter said I would still get an interview. Is anyone else in this boat? Seems like an extremely fast turn-around!
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    WHC retention of nurses is pretty low. The workload is ridiculous but if you can work there, you can work anywhere.

    But good luck!!

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