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Walter Reed

  1. 0 Does anyone here work as a civilian at Walter Reed? I was recently a patient there and received wonderful care. My 7PM-7AM nurse told me that she had three patients that night, and that is what she usually has. This was on a regular med-surg unit. There was also a tech working...I don't know how many patients she had, and the charge nurse was also out doing rounds and came in and did my blood stick--I was a little dehydrated, so it was tricky. There was also a night resident who checked me.

    Is this the actual nurse: patient ratio at WRAMC, or was my Morphine PCA playing tricks with my mind?
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    I have a second interview with them on the 20th. I have heard really good things about them. The nurse recruiter also told me that when they close down they have something in place that you are guaranteed a job at Bethesda I think, but you are guaranteed to have one. They have up to 35% shift differential and give you a monthly allowance for Metro Cards.
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    Did you get the job, start yet??????? thanks