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  1. Hey everyone,
    So I am a recent graduate (Dec 2009) and I have been working since March 2010. I worked a bit in the hospital(peds) before relocating to southern MD, and now I have been working in pediatric homecare until I am able to get back into the hospital setting (hopefully one nearby in southern Maryland). I am still considered a new graduate since I have < 1 year of experience.

    So my question is---- Does anyone know when the hospitals will be posting new graduate positions for the fall? And are there still positions even being posted or have hiring rates in the area been decreased due to the economy? If anyone has any information it would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   0402
    Georgetown has their New Grad openings listed right now for a February start, though the wording in the listing makes it sound like they're only considering summer and Dec 2010 grads.
    I just reread your post- are you looking for new grad jobs that start this fall? The 2 that I know of (I only look at DC and VA, so I'm not familiar with the MD side) with fall starts, start on 18 Oct and have already selected for their positions (the jobs were listed in late July and late August). I have heard of people getting jobs that aren't listed as new grad positions, but I couldn't tell you where to start with that.