Nursing school that offers free tuition in exchange for work

  1. I am trying see if anybody knows about a a Nursing school in the DC area that offers free tuition in exchange for two years of work.
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  3. by   ChristineN
    I know Georgetown University has some sort of agreement with Washington Hospital Center for close to free tuition (I feel like they pay 85%)

    Unfortunately this isn't the mid 2000's any more when nursing schools and hospitals were teaming up to offer free tuition all over the country. With many nursing grads at a surplus supply, there isn't much of a need for hospitals to offer perks for people to become nurses.
  4. by   leenak
    I believe Georgetown has an 80% scholarship but their tuition is also the highest in the area at around $70k and 20% of $70k is $14k which is a good chunk of change.

    I think your best bet would look into the HRSA scholarship. It is very competitive but it would pay for nursing school.