My professors have disappeared ...

  1. Has anyone else had the experience of disappearing professors & clinical instructors over the summer months?

    How can I get professor reference letters for new grad programs from instructors who don't check their school emails or VM over the summer?

    Any advice?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Best to get the needed references while you are still in the instructor's class. At some point in time, they usually drift away. My school also had us write our own letter of reference for use by any of the instructors. After approval, this letter was placed in our student file and that was the letter that the school would provide in the future.
  4. by   TheGirl07
    Yes, I should have done that before I graduated but unless I find a time machine, hindsight of 20/20 will to do.

    So you really wrote your own letter of reference? I've never thought about doing that. Can you give me some insight into how you did that? How does a person start analyzing their own skills? Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks