Moving to DC and NEED ADVICE!

  1. 0 hi all! i am taking nursing pre reqs here in new olreans...i had applied to nursing school here and was waiting to hear back from them. unfortunately, i have to make a move to DC this summer and want to continue with my education. I dont know anything about any programs in DC and my counselor at school wasnt much help. i do not have a bachelors degree and hope to get my BSN through a 4 year university in DC. the only thing i do know (or have been told) is that UDC does not have a good program at all. does anyone know where i should look? any leads or advice?
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    My friend went to Mary Mount University in northern Virginia. She said it was a great program and its a 2.5 or 3 year BSN program. I haven't been there so I can't give you personal opinions.

    Here is their website:
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    In DC: Georgetown University, Catholic University
    In Northern VA - George Mason
    In Baltimore: Johns Hopkins, U of Maryland, Towson University
    There are pretty good programs at most of the local community colleges too.

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