Medstar National Rehab Hospital

  1. Did anyone apply to their upcoming cohort? I have an interview at the hospital this coming Wednesday and would love some insight from past/current employees
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  3. by   arockingroupie
    Please please please do not work here. It's fine for nurses that have worked for 20 years and don't really need new experience or education. There are 4 units, pediatrics, brain trauma, spinal cord, and orthopedic. New grad orientation is 6 weeks when really it should be 3 days. There are few nursing skills besides bowel programs, cathing, wound care (nothing complex) and tube feedings. Lots of stroke and trauma patients as well. If you want to work anywhere else afterwards unless it is a nursing home you won't get hired as it is not an acute care facility. Apply for Childrens or WHC and get your feet wet in med/surg with more advance technology, skills, and learning experiences.
  4. by   chineye
    Arockingroupie, do you know anything about WHC?