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  1. I am researching schools in DC area to obtain my LPN.. Please tell me information sbout your school, the cost and if financial aid is offered, the schedule,pros and cons and any information you feel I need to know and how long it really takes... I have called Capital Health,Comprehensive,Radians and VMT but of course its their job to promise me the moonand some of them dont offer financial aid.. Any resources that you have I Would greatly appreciate it and its ok to share the good and bad I'm an open person and learn through others advice and experiences... Blessings!!
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    I am inquiring about these same schools, which ones( if u dont mind) did have fin aide? And anything else u learned about them, I applied 2 a va school that fin aide but really dont want to commute... Thanks in advance
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    I attended Comprehensive Health Academy. Its a great school but they do not offer financial aid.
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    I would like to introduce my self. My name is tasha. I just started comprehensive lpn program.