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Looking to relcoate

  1. 0 hey everyone!

    so i'm a new grad (if may 09 is still considered new) bsn-rn looking to relocate because of the tough market here and was wondering how the outlook is for jobs in dc for a new grad with no nursing experience? i am pretty flexible as for the area, i would like med-surg for initial experience but would be willing to fill unit needs whatever they may be.

    i only just started looking in the dc area so i don't know about specific new grad orientation times for hospitals and other useful information. should i just apply directly to open hospital positions and see what comes up? any tips on good hosptials to apply to?

    any help would be most appreciated

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    The job market is very tough here too. I of several new grads (and old-new grads) who haven't been able to find work as a RN. The December grads are now just taking NCLEX and are also looking for jobs. It maybe better to apply to a hospital in a rural location if you are really intent on moving. I have heard that rural areas still have openings as everyone wants to work in the big cities and suburbs.