Georgetown University Hospital Interview Process

  1. Hey everyone!

    I'm making the move to DC, and just applied for a position at GUH. Looking to see if anyone has any information on the interview process and what to look forward to! I applied on the 2nd, and recieved and took the Nurse Career Battery test the 3rd. The job is a medicine/telemetry floor 5 bles, does anyone have any experience or advice for (hopefully) working on this floor?

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  3. by   led09211
    Hey there, just curious about GUH...did you end up taking a position there? I am looking at relocating to the DC area and am interested in ED and Neuro ICU. I interviewed at WMC, and although the manager and staff seemed cool, I wasn't getting a great vibe of the facility as a whole. Anywho, just curious what you think and how you are finding nursing in the DC area. Thanks!