Gaithersburg to Frederick Memorial Hospital??

  1. 0 I work in Baltimore county as an RN, but I am moving to Montgomery County, will be living in Montgomery Village. I typically work night shift.
    The travel from Mv To Baltimore is atrocious, especially for night shift. 1 hr 40 minutes, I've experienced, on a weekday.
    I am being realistic and realizing I wont be able to keep the travel up forever and I have some interviews in other hospitals near MV.
    My question is for MD/DC locals; Google says the travel time b/t MV and Frederick Memorial Hospital is 30 minutes, is this true even in the evening?
    What do you think of FMH? I am looking for an ED position.

    GWUH wrote me asking me to call them but they havent responded to any of my calls, which I'm a little annoyed about but I'm going to blame four day weekends on that. Shady grove doesnt have any ED jobs available. Washington Adventist I already had the interview with.

    Anyone have other suggestions? Is FMH a much better drive than Baltimore? Thanks for your time folks!
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