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Comprehensive Health Academy's Website

  1. 0 Hi Everyone,

    Here is the link for Comprehensive Health Academy's new website. I hope this helps all:

    Good luck with your choices.
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    Thank you, its so ironic I went to the school today to get the initial program information. I went to VMT as well. Did you visit any other schools? What made you decide on Comprehensive versus the other LPN Programs? I am currently in the decision making mode myself. I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and I started taking the Science pre-reqs last semester at Howard Community College to enter the RN Program. Now I am thinking that it may be faster to go the LPN route and then complete the LPN to RN bridge at Howard instead..........
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    Hello I am currently a student at CHA! Good Luck with your nursing school plans
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    Quote from futureLPN2001
    Hello I am currently a student at CHA! Good Luck with your nursing school plans

    hi, i wanted to know how is CHA? the academics and all do you think you are going to be prepared by this school for the nursing field? I am thinking about CHA in jan 2010